Music is the heartbeat of a video. It would die without it. People keep asking me how I find what songs to use and the truth is I do a lot of searching. If I’m not elbow deep in licensing sites, I’m running across a restaurant to find a quiet spot to Shazam a song. Some people dive down the Pinterest hole, I always fall in to a Spotify one.

I thought I’d share a monthly playlist of songs I’m currently jamming out to. Will there be a theme? Usually.

This month? INDIE ELECTRONIC! Nothing rings in the holidays quite like a hipster songstress crooning over a synthesizer….Sigh….it’s just how Norman Rockwell drew it. Enjoy!





Changes are coming to Pictory Productions.

WELCOME TO PICTORY 3.0!   4.0? 7.0?


Whatever. Basically, I’ve made some changes to what I’m offering and how I’m showcasing my work. Feel free to peak below at the new updates from here on out…until I make more changes.

1. NEW (and limited) BRAND OFFERING! 

For 1000 – I will show up to your store/studio/ayahuasca den and film for 2 hours and provide a 60 second video. No interviews, no stressing over how to prepare or what to say. Just you doing your thing set to great music. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s a super fun time.

I love creative businesses. I am one! I wanted to streamline my service to make it approachable and fun for everyone involved. Including me! (Cue coy winking face.) Click here to get the good times rolling.


Instead of my one and only package for weddings, I’ve added an offering for elopements. It’s a just the basics offering for weddings (or city hall adventures) for under 50 guests. The couple receives a 3-minute film (instead of 5) and it’s a 4-hour coverage.

People are thinking out of the box when it comes to weddings these days and not everyone has the resources or interest in throwing a balls to the wall bash. Extra bonus points if you take me to New Orleans or Iceland. Click here to get the scoop.


     But Megan…blogs are kind of on their way out and didn’t you have one all along? No, I did not. How did you market yourself?! I rarely did that. Post to Facebook? Dust was collecting there too.

So as I evolve, I’d like to take you with me as I post videos – of both brides and brands, share filming advice and give you a peak in to my adventures. No need to click anywhere you’re already reading the blog’s inaugural post (HUZZAH!)