Spirit Animals Wed in Soul-Soaked Rooftop Dance Party

To say that Vance and Emily are my best buds wouldn’t do them justice. Their energy, talent and fervent friendship shakes the ground I walk on and inspires me to do great work….but even that line isn’t good enough. I’ve tried writing this post several times to eloquently describe my feelings toward these two as individuals, their marriage and the wedding itself, but I keep falling short. Instead, I’ll let the day do the talking…Enjoy.

When you’re done watching the video, check out the incredible photographs that came out of the camera of Veronica Varos.

Venue: Rock Top Lounge at Chestnut Boutique Hotel
Planner: Kaitlin Walker
Florist: Blooms florist
DJ/Band: Wesley Bright & the Hi-Lites
Wedding photographer: Veronica Varos
Wedding Videographer: Pictory Productions