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How to Organize a Wedding Without Losing Your Mind (With Budgeting)

A wedding is an exciting and special event in every person’s life. This moment will never happen again, and during the period between engagement and marriage, you have to not only enjoy the new status but also much to realize. And even when it seems that there is still enough time left, you can easily miss the moment when it suddenly starts to run faster.

If anxiety does not allow you to get it together and structure your actions, here are some tips for planning your beautiful special day without losing your mind.

Make a Budget

Your important day may still be special and beautiful whether you have a $1,000 or $100,000 budget. Budgeting is necessary to know how much you can spend before planning things you can’t afford. Sometimes, couples consider some additional funding to make their special day exactly what they’ve dreamed of all their lives. Some couples also opt for a smaller wedding with all of their wishes and extra likes taken into account, instead of organizing a ceremony with a large number of guests.

Hire a Wedding Planner (about $1,800)

Your full-time wedding planner can save you money and help you avoid stress by taking on lots of responsibilities. This person can make your wedding organizing much easier. As a rule, it is a professional who hires vendors, liaises with the venue, and knows the details you may have no idea about. A good wedding planner will always ask you about your wedding budget and offer you the best options that match both your wishes and possibilities.

Decide on a Venue (up to $12,000)

As a rule, the most popular wedding settings are booked up to a year in advance. At the same time, the location you choose will be the place around which everything will revolve. Your wedding decor, flowers, catering, and even the whole concept depend on the selected venue. That is why you should select the right place as soon as possible.

Put Yourself First

It’s good to ask your friends or relatives for a piece of advice. At the same time, you should always remember you two are the main characters. Always think about what you really want first and make a well-considered decision with your partner.

An Average Wedding Budget

You can enjoy your exciting day and make it unforgettable on any budget. However, the larger the amount, the more you can afford to make the moment really special. On average, couples spend about $34,000 on a wedding. This amount includes:

  • Booking a venue (from $5,000 to $12,000);
  • Hiring a wedding planner (about $1,800);
  • Hiring vendors: photographer, videographer, florist (about $6,700);
  • Transportation (about $900);
  • Invitations (about $530);
  • Buying a wedding dress (about $1,500);
  • Hair/makeup (about $300);
  • Rehearsal dinner (about $2,500);
  • Wedding cake (about $500);
  • Catering (about $75 per person);
  • Musicians (from $1,400 to $4,500);
  • Favors (about $450);
  • Marriage license (from $25 to $100 depending on the state).

You should also keep in mind that unexpected expenses may unexpectedly appear during the event organizing. It is easy to run over the budget when it comes to a wedding. Although the most significant thing in a wedding is two people who love each other and decide to associate their lives with each other, a wedding is a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. That is why many couples consider wedding loans to make this day the day they always dreamed of.